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Unlike other drugs, Meth represents a danger to non-users who are around, live with, or work with people using the drug. The risk of secondary contamination and medical problems caused by the contamination of Meth use is very real.

Our drug testing and screening service offers peace of mind in relation to suspected drug use in your home or workplace, and as a way of starting the clean-up process should Meth be proven.

We have seen numerous examples of the devastating effects that Meth can have on property owners and investors and we believe the services we offer are helping in the battle against meth.

Although there are no national regulations with regard to conducting Meth tests in the home or workplace, we ensure that the appropriate industry guidelines and common practices are used to guarantee that testing is carried out effectively and accurately. All of our staff have been trained to conduct themselves in a professional manner, to use industry standards methods for testing, handling and processing of test samples.

When working with people to conduct personal drug tests our staff treat people with respect and dignity to ensure they do not feel threatened or demeaned by the process.

If you would like some help or assistance in formulating a drug testing policy in your workplace or checking for contamination in your investment property please call us on 021366414 for an obligation free discussion.


Qualified Technicians

To ensure consistency of standards in testing, our senior staff have personally trained all our testing technicians. This means we are confident in the accuracy of the results that we provide for our clients.

In addition we only use kits and testing equipment we have proven by use give accurate and trustworthy results.

Our Location

Based in Hamilton we offer our services to companies in the Greater Waikato and South Auckland.

However not only do we come to you, our in house testing facility can be used by clients who do not have the right facilities in their workplace or work site.

Accurate and controlled collection of samples is essential if results are to be trusted and actionable.

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